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Your Pixiset Gallery

Pixiset is one of the leading online gallery tools that photographers use nowadays. I really love how practical it is for a couple to share their photos with their friends and family, as well as allowing them (if you want) to download all or some of the images.

About 8 weeks after your wedding I will upload all your best images onto your gallery. You may browse the photos from any device, laptop, smartphone, and you need to download the photos from this gallery. Please use the computer to download the photos and make sure you make a back up copy on a different hard-drive.

This is a screen shot of how it looks. You may enlarge any photo you like, mark them as favorite and share or download. Easy as pie!


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Introducing Mallorca Wedding Films


As you may know, our websites got hacked so we decided to start a brand new website and blog. Hence, this is my first blog post. I decided to introduce you to our Wedding Films business, called….you guessed it! Mallorca Wedding Films!

I am passionate about creating so after learning Photography I decided to also learn Cinematography. This is why I started Mallorca Wedding Films with my partner, Andoni. We are a team of videographers that love

creating fun, moving, dynamic little movies that you can watch with your friends. For us is important to deliver a cool movie that you’ll love without breaking the bank. We created this colorful portfolio page that we hope you like. Check us out at


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My Style

Hi! This is my very first post on my new blog. Thanks for visiting! If you are here, chances are you are thinking of getting married in Mallorca.

I am happy that so many people choose my island for such an important occasion. I love meeting people from all over the world and my clients are international.

I like to capture documentary-style images. This means spontaneous, genuine and non directed images. I am unobtrusive and most of the time you will forget I am there! I don’t do many poses as I like it all very natural and fun. I like detail shot but I am much more of a people’s person. I love the hugs and the kisses, the laughs and the tears of joy.

In post-production I dont retouch the photos too much as I like them with natural colors, but all your images are edited. I deliver them on a beautiful Pixiset gallery that you can share with your friends (more info on a later post).

I am easy-going, I love joking around (although my jokes are all in Spanish!), I love the outdoor and sports and I wish for you to have a great wedding day and experience with me.

Contact me for more info, I´d love to meet you!